We are a boutique publisher with a singular message: Christ is all.


For too long, Christian publishers have upheld the status quo and protected toxic power structures within the faith. Many have even worked to silence those who ask the wrong questions or color outside the lines of Evangelicalism.

At Quoir, we celebrate those who are challenging assumptions and pushing us outside of our comfort zones. Jesus was never shy about turning over a few tables or asking difficult questions. Why should we be afraid of admitting we could be wrong or that we might have something to learn?

Because God is bigger than our boxes.


If there's a revolution coming or another reformation on the horizon, we want to publish the manifesto that gets nailed to the door. We want to provoke the complacent while comforting the afflicted.

To awaken the Church, we have to shake things up. To fulfill our calling, we must be willing to defy the powers that be. Join us on the frontlines of a new wave of spirituality for this generation and the one to come.

We provide concept-to-publication solutions and creative services for print and digital books, podcasts, and videos. We are committed to being author-centric, collaborative, and unconventional.