The Bonfire Sessions


With rawness and vulnerability, as well as a large dose of salty language, the hosts of The Bonfire Sessions spend one night a week around a fire pit, chatting about the big ideas of life. Sometimes funny, sometimes profound, but always honest, the two hosts will be sure to challenge your heart, soul, and mind. So, pour your favorite drink and fill your long-stemmed pipe, and get ready for some high-quality fellowship.

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The Bonfire Sessions

Book Series

The Bonfire Sessions: Winter is a thought-provoking booklet that discusses: what happens to friends and family when you deconstruct your faith, whether or not conversations such as these are actually important, the divisiveness of American politics, and how Michael is handling his cancer diagnosis.

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Michael Machuga

Michael Machuga holds a degree in Social and Behavioral Science, is the coauthor of A Journey with Two Mystics, and cohosts The Bonfire Sessions podcast.

Matthew J. Distefano

Matthew J. Distefano is a best-selling author, blogger, podcaster, social worker, and hip-hop artist. You can find all his work at