We are a boutique publisher owned by authors, for authors.


If you’re looking for authors that aren't afraid to take on the hard questions of faith with brutal honesty, and books that explore the mystery of life without fear, then join us on the frontlines of a new spiritual revolution.

Because the universe is bigger than our boxes, we have to be willing to challenge assumptions and venture beyond our inherited boundaries.

Because divine love is our DNA, we must provoke the complacent while comforting the afflicted.

We are many voices with one message.

We are Quoir.


Keith Giles - Quoir

Keith Giles

Co-Publisher, Marketing and Author Relations
Matthew Distefano - Quoir

Matthew Distefano

Co-Publisher, Editorial and Production

Rafael Polendo


Kristina Hart

Kristina Hart

Director, Quoir Academy


Michelle Collins

Accounting Manager

Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner

Editor, Quoir Classics

Jessi Marshburn

Jesse Marshburn

Administrative Assistant

Brent Schebler

Brent Schebler

Editor, QuoirCast Publications

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