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David Agranoff


David Agranoff Grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, hanging in the park that inspired his novel with Quoir. His future wife worked at The Spoon, serving the real-life Electric Fred. They have two of his notebooks and a house full of rescued animals. David is a novelist, screenwriter and a Horror and Science Fiction critic. He is the Splatterpunk and Wonderland book-award nominated author of 11 books, including the novel The Last Night to Kill Nazis, and the science-fiction favorite, Goddamn Killing Machines. As a critic, he has written more than a thousand book reviews on his blog Postcards from a Dying World, which has recently become a podcast, featuring interviews with award-winning and bestselling authors like Stephen Graham Jones, Paul Tremblay, Alma Katsu, and Josh Malerman. For the last five years, David has co-hosted the Dickheads podcast, a deep-dive into the work of Philip K. Dick. David’s non-fiction essays have appeared on, NeoText, and Cemetery Dance. He just finished writing a book, Unfinished PKD on the unpublished fragments and outlines of Philip K. Dick. He lives in San Diego where you can find him hooping in pick-up games and taking too many threes.