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fire and silk


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Meghan Irene Turner
Category: Poetry
Published: April 9, 2024


Fire & Silk is the first fully illustrated compilation of selected works by Meghan Irene Turner, spanning a narrative of her own experiences and the greater search for meaning in the natural world. This collection tightly weaves together spirituality and metaphor used throughout Meghan’s original prose and illustrations acclaimed by fellow poets, artists, and writers. Words and images emerge, sharing the power of looking out at the world as much as living within it, giving meaning to the mundane and illuminating the authenticity of human experience.


Delightful and uplifting

“Another delightful and uplifting body of art by poet Meghan Irene Turner. The combination of two artforms adds a new layer of depth and richness to each piece. Meghan’s poetry showcases an honest and open discussion of the soul’s journey through this magnificent reality. Her work is both a powerfully inspiring and positively energizing experience.”

— Kevin Cook, Radio Show Host at Writing on Air 90.1