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God Speaks


Format: Paperback, Audio, Electronic
Author: Gabriel Gordon
Category: Theology
Published: June 22, 2021


If God cannot control free creatures, then how did the biblical authors interact with God's revelation to produce the biblical text?

God Speaks begins by exploring and asserting a number of problematic issues facing popular notions of Inspiration today. Gordon then begins to offer an interdisciplinary solution utilizing Thomas Jay Oord's theology of Essential Kenosis and revealing how it provides a better theological basis for developing a doctrine of Biblical Inspiration. If God cannot control the biblical authors, then what they produce as the biblical text is not revelation in and of itself, but a contextualized human response to that revelation.

With the rising popularity of Essential Kenosis, the dismantling of popular notions of inspiration through historical criticism, and a reclaiming of the interpretative methods of the early church, God Speaks puts forth a doctrine of inspiration and revelation that better accounts for these realities while more faithfully securing our allegiance to Christ.


This is an illuminating book!

"I've long thought a full-length book ought to be written on the implications of essential kenosis for understanding the Bible. And now thanks to Gabriel, we have it! Not only does Gabriel explain the implications essential kenosis has for understanding the Bible, he gives his readers a gift: he writes in a conversational way ... I suspect this book will launch a conversation. Or rather, multiple conversations."

— Thomas Jay Oord