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So Many Fragile Things


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Editors: Amy Kinzer Steidinger
Category: Historical Nonfiction
Published: March 5, 2024


Here's a strange mixture of religion and fanaticism...Love and murder...

In 1994, Amy was working as a genealogist, researching a family's history. While paging through volumes of Amish, Mennonite & Apostolic Christian relatives, she came to the story of a mother and her three young children who had all died on the same day—March 13, 1900. Was it an accident? An illness of some kind? Amy soon learned that the husband and father of this young family had murdered them after being excommunicated from the Amish church.

The sensational trial would demand answers of the church itself.


Every angle researched

“A true-crime story and although the murderer is known, there is quite of bit of background info about him, his religious community, etc. Book also highlights amazing current events in that same time-Carry Nation come to town! Very satisfying read and it really presents both sides of the case honestly and without malice.”

— Amazon Review