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The Church Can Go to Hell by Desimber Rose

The Church can go to hell

Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Desimber Rose
Category: Church
Published: June 21, 2022


In this shockingly-candid book, Desimber Rose unapologetically addresses controversial issues prevalent in toxic church culture that have damaged and repelled those truly seeking God but constantly coming up empty in the Church. This real-life testimony, paired with biblical commentary, come together to form this powerful guide to healing from the spiritual wounds of church hurt. It's time to expose the dark underbelly of the church-which often hides behind titles, rituals, and tradition-in order to bring true deliverance and healing from the brokenness, bitterness, and bondage of church hurt within the Body of Christ.


Desimber Rose Wattleton let the Church have it - and deservedly so!

"Desimber Rose Wattleton let the Church have it - and deservedly so - in this critical autobiographical assessment of the Christian culture. Wattleton loves Jesus Christ - which is amazing, considering how Christianity's gatekeepers have treated her over the years. But this is an overarching theme. Do not confound Christ with Christians. Jesus gives freedom and life while Christianity peddles suppression, bondage and death."