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The Hotel


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Karl Forehand
Category: Fiction
Published: March 22, 2022


Joe Forester is a recovering Christian who dreams of hosting a retreat at a local hotel with a mysterious background. After leaving a condemning church and years of pain and hurt, he moves to a small Midwest town, turning his attention to uncovering the closely guarded secrets of the hotel and its beloved owner from a century before. As Joe investigates, the black and white images of the past take on a life of their own.

Karl Forehand uses his fictional story to illustrate real-life struggles and recovery from the afflictions of life and organized religion. He weaves the past and present storylines seamlessly, demonstrating how religious trauma and life within a community can lead to personal and social oppression. As a response, he purposefully shifts the focus to a journey of self-love and self-realization, acceptance, and forgiveness.

In the end, the valuable secrets uncovered are the ones within.



"A hotel a journey and a quest! The journey to forgiveness of others and self! Brings the 1920's and the small town alive with secrets that keep the town together! Visit the town and hotel a trip you won't soon forget!"