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Alchemy at 55


Format: Hardcover
Author: Kevin Max
Category: Poetry, Art
Published: August 29, 2023


Kevin Max has been writing poetry since his 20's. He began painting at 55. It started with the notion of art therapy and developed into full-blown obsession. This book is the public document of that work, harkening back to another poetry and painting book of his published in 1994, titled At The Foot Of Heaven. However, at that time, the paintings were done by a friend and local legend, Jimmy Abegg. This time, both the paintings and the poetry sit squarely on Kevin's shoulders for all to see and critique and ponder. The work published here is from the first 4 months of painting, starting in February of 2023; the poetry all within the last 4 years. This book also includes access to 6 exclusive and unreleased music tracks recorded by Kevin Max specifically for this project. The author hopes this book finds a perfect spot nestled on a coffee table or your library vault.



"This is the type of book that one must find a comfy chair with a hot cup of Earl Grey to completely immerse yourself as the world around you fades away."