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Every Shade of Me


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Alec John Belle
Category: Fiction
Published: September 12, 2023


“Everyone is made up of colors. I just have a little more.”

Grayson has always been different. From the time he started truly understanding what emotions were, he knew that something about him was special. It wasn’t until he turned eighteen that he realized what he was.

An empath.

Being an empath hasn’t come without cost. While Grayson is always told it’s a gift, the overwhelming wave of emotions is starting to ruin his life. Between starting his first year of college, living by himself, and making new friends, he fears getting close to anyone. As he starts to fall in love with a man he meets on the internet and grows closer to his new friends, the worry strikes up again. Getting close means getting hurt. Getting close means having to feel.

And as he’s learned from past experiences, feelings always have a way of taking control.


Honest and transparent

“Alec does a masterful job at painting a picture that is sure to grab many readers. While the book has some very serious themes, the author does a fantastic job at developing his characters and demonstrating the power of humanity. Through the book, you will experience a variety of emotions that will lead you down a path of joy, sadness, and empathy. Pick up a copy today - you won't regret it!”

— Amazon Review