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There Once Were Orange Groves


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: David Giles
Category: Fiction
Published: September 19, 2023


There Once Were Orange Groves is an autofiction novel about two siblings, Audrey and Jacob, who are both grieving the sudden passing of their father. This bad news arrives soon after Audrey moves out of California and Jacob returns home from college. This book explores how each of them deals with their grief as it colors their day-to-day lives. It’s a novel about stories, finding beauty in the little things, and the places those moments inhabit.


Beautiful story

“A lovingly-rendered portrait of a time in life when everything's crucial and everything matters . . . When the smoke clears, the ultimate test of any work of literature is, ‘I can't wait to turn the page and find out what happens next.’ David Giles passes the test.”

— Darrell Epp