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Sitting in the Shade of Another Tree


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Editors: Matthew J. Distefano, Keith Giles
Category: Theology, Spirituality
Published: September 26, 2023



For too long, people of faith have focused more on pointing out where other religions get it wrong. But this path only leads to arguments, debate, division, and often violent conflict. So, what if we decided to focus more on all the ways those other religions get it right? What if we took the time to listen more than we speak, and to learn more than we try to teach? This path might end up leading us deeper into understanding, connection, friendship and peace.

With this in mind, Quoir Publishing has partnered with Patheos to assemble voices from different religious backgrounds who have learned to listen to people outside their own faith traditions. We hope that the wisdom they share with us here allows you to become more open to the truth and beauty to be found outside your own faith community.

Contributors include: Brandon Andress, Martin Brooks, Allison Dafferner, Matthew J. Distefano, Harunnessa Fariad, Keith Giles, Caleb Gilleland, Heather Hamilton, Travis Henry, Sandhya Jha, Dr. Safi Kaskas, Ejaz Naqvi, MD, Duncan Pile, Gregory Smith, Fred Stella, and Kevin Sweeney.


A gift

"In these pages, you'll get a front-row seat to the contributors' adventures, the 'aha' moments, the challenges, and the heartwarming realizations they experienced. As they dove into unfamiliar territories, they found common threads that tie us all together - threads of shared humanity, understanding, and the universal desire for connection."

— Travis Henry