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Format: Paperback, Electronic
Editors: Keith Giles, Matthew J. Distefano
Category: Science Fiction
Published: October 31, 2023



Great science fiction is about more than escapist fantasies of starships and exotic aliens fighting battles in distant galaxies beyond our solar system. In the proper hands, science fiction can help us re-imagine our own reality in subversive ways and provide insightful social commentary about the real world we inhabit every day.

Augmented, Volume 1 is a collection of great science fiction stories that invite us to take a closer look at ourselves and the world around us. Our contributors examine the futility of war, the dangers of xenophobia, the importance of caring for our environment, the risks associated with technology, the rise of Artificial Intelligence and remind us of all the ways we can lose our humanity if we’re not careful.

These 19 stories are thrilling, mind-bending, frightening, thought-provoking, and sometimes hilarious snapshots of life in at least one of our possible futures. We hope you find something to love about all of them.

Contributors include: David Agranoff, Brandon Andress, Hope Bolinger, Keith Burchnall, Zac Cannon, Claudia Christian, Tessa B. Dick, Martha Elias Downey, Darrell Epp, David Giles, Keith Giles, Steven Hause, Marie Hause, Viacheslav Lazurin, Dr. Chris McAuley, Josh Roggie, Dr. Samuel Jay Tanner, Andrew Turck, Philip Alan Tyler, and Brian K. Woodson, Sr.


Great collection

“A really cool collection of short stories from some unique and talented individuals!”

— Matthew J. Distefano