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Christ Alone


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Jon Zens
Category: Theology
Published: September 20, 2015


Just as physical families have to face difficulties, so every group of believers will face challenges in their life together. In Christ Alone, Jon Zens opens up five crucial areas that every group will wrestle with at some point in their journey. The first challenge—for Christ to be everything—is the first priority and the other four challenges flow out of it. How do we show that we trust Christ as our Leader? How can we deepen our relationships with one another? Do we define ourselves and find our identity in Christ, or in Adam? When problems arise will we let the love of Christ reign in our midst? Stephen Crosby concluded, "Do yourself a favor—use Christ Alone as a roadmap to help you and those you love avoid common pitfalls in the journey." 

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"What an amazing truth that we must as the body of Christ return to. To put anything before the person of Christ Jesus is a deception, even if that something happens to be your Bible. Being a person who reads the Bible continually that says a lot. I read it to see my Lord and for nothing less. But how many worship scripture?"