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All I Once Held

All I Once Held

Format: Paperback, Audio, Electronic
Author: Gaylynne Sword
Category: Fiction
Published: July 1, 2015


Katy Walton spent her life trying to be a good girl, or at least giving the appearance of one. When she marries into a long family line of Southern Baptist preachers, it becomes her job to maintain the image of the perfect family in the perfect church with a perfect future ahead. When the fa├žade starts to crumble and even her best intentions fail to fool anyone, she finds herself alone and abandoned. It's not until she realizes how much living in the shadows of secrets and shame has damaged her daughter, Ivy Rose, that she learns to let go of all she once held in order to save what matters the most.


Compelling, unpredictable, relatable

"I devoured it all in one sitting, and it destroyed me. Its brutal honesty is a warning about the ugly underbelly of good Christianity, but it also honors those who have lived it and survived."