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What Can't Be Hidden Book by Brandon Andress

What Can't Be Hidden

Format: Paperback, Hardcover, Electronic
Author: Brandon Andress
Category: Fiction
Published: July 7, 2021


When a stranger is captured in the nearby forest of the isolated and restrictive community of Patrida, a dark, hidden secret is revealed-the Patridian people discover that there are others living on the island.

While panic and fear consume the town, Thura clandestinely befriends the stranger, who gives her hope for escaping the only life she has ever known and finding something she has never experienced ... freedom.

What Can't Be Hidden is right on time for this moment. It is a stunning and universal portrayal of a people awakening and coming to terms with the systems that have promised to give them peace and freedom, while discovering that these virtues can only come from within.


Thought provoking allegory with beautiful attention to detail

I highly recommend this book! I only rarely read fiction but the way it has caused me to think through my life and beliefs as they have changed over the years has been as impactful as any non-fiction I have read. I found myself seeing others in the the story and then realizing there was much for me to notice about my own patterns and behavior. I will be “chewing” on the symbolism for quite awhile.