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Drugs & Jesus


Format: Paperback, Electronic, Audio
Author: Joshua Lawson
Category: Social Issues
Published: April 11, 2023


Drugs & Jesus is the first book of its kind to pioneer a theological framework for people of faith and specifically evangelical Christians to help them engage in the ministry of harm reduction. Drawing from his own ground-breaking efforts to equip faith communities at the epicenter of America's rural opioid crisis, Josh takes readers on a journey of theological and practical transformation that will give them a renewed sense of mission by stirring their compassion for the most vulnerable members of their community.


This book will speak to everyone

“Josh Lawson’s latest book, Drugs & Jesus, approaches a difficult and sensitive topic from a unique perspective that is one part theological reflection, one part personal narrative, and one part reflective commentary from someone with boots on the ground. And while it may seem to cover the topic of addiction, his real subject is the much more taboo: the shame and stigma surrounding drug use. The time he has spent researching data, literature, and the lives of those living with addiction show through his writing. What makes the book stand out are the questions at the end of each chapter. Lawson draws the reader in and engages them with text, drawing upon their lived experience and allowing them to ponder the deeper questions unpinning each chapter. This mechanism draws the reader out of the reading chair with a sense of call and purpose to see how they can respond to his message. My hope and prayer, as a person of faith and as a priest, is that Drugs & Jesus makes its way into churches and into the hearts of the faithful.”