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Go Wide


Format: Paperback, Electronic, Audio
Author: Martha Elias Downey
Category: Theology
Published: May 23, 2023


What happens when we sidestep the notions of hierarchy and verticality in how we think about God, the world, and all things theological? How does emphasizing the expansiveness and breadth of God affect how we read the Bible and engage with topics such as salvation and the church? Using the lens of latitude, Martha (Matte) Elias Downey reframes familiar biblical stories and reimagines theological concepts, purposefully circumventing the oppressive, top-down dynamics of hierarchy. This book encompasses a broad range of theology by combining biblical interpretation, systematic theology, practical theology, and a selection of personal anecdotes. Here is an accessible and inclusive foray into theology for anyone interested in a fresh take on an ancient course of study.


Liberative and inclusive

“Matte Downey’s Go Wide drew me into one of my favorite scriptural themes--that God draws me into the ‘spacious place,’ which we learn is none other than the Triune God of infinite love. Downey’s trinitarian vision topples the heresies of hierarchy and helps us see God as beautifully expansive and radically inclusive. As a prairie child myself, I felt deeply the sense of the wideness of God in the imagery of broad horizons and soaring clouds. Dr. Downey calls me to look further out and higher up. In this era, anyone who can help us see the love and nature of God as higher, wider, deeper, and longer than we do now is a welcome (and urgent!) voice. I’m grateful.”

— Bradley Jersak