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The Person on the Other Side of This Book


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Samuel Jaye Tanner
Category: Fiction
Published: May 30, 2023


Sam is a professor. Sam is dying. The Creature at the Bottom of the Europan Ocean strikes up an interplanetary conversation with Sam and two of his students. And with you if you read this book. Sam races against his nemesis Arvin Bingleking, a fictional character in a book he is writing, to save this dead and dying planet that is far beyond saving, all the while trying to survive death. It’s so good to be alive, even better to be aware, the creature shouts across time and space, and Sam is trying to figure out if this is true.


Very cool!

"In some strange metaverse (maybe ours), Everything Everywhere All At Once and Our Town conceived a Schrödinger’s book. That book is this book. In The Person on the Other Side of This Book, Tanner bends time and consciousness through the trivial and mundane. Through heartache bandaged with superficiality. To find heart and more heart (and maybe life) in all of it, baby. You are simultaneously not ready for this and ready for this all at the same time. One of the best novels I have ever read, I mean it."

— Brandon Andress