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Into the Gray


Format: Paperback, Audio, Electronic
Author: Michelle Collins
Category: Psychology
Published: April 27, 2021


What happens when you deconstruct your faith? Aside from all the theological messiness it brings, deconstruction brings with it a lot of personal trauma. Friends and family often distance themselves. Your church sometimes removes you from the pews. And often, you are left with nothing more than rubble where a seemingly unmovable building once stood.

Enter Michelle Collins' debut book, Into the Gray: The Mental and Emotional Aftermath of Spiritual Deconstruction. Far from a "how-to" guide, this book is much more "pastoral" in that it allows the reader to check in with a fellow spiritual sojourner so that, by the end of its pages, they can say "me too."


Worth reading more than once

"An excellent read and very thought provoking. Many people begin to ask similar questions but stop because of the fear that organized religion drums into them. These are all good questions and although some may call the author a heretic, you should not dismiss the issues without some serious self examination of your beliefs and what you discover for yourself.”