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The Multiplication of Elmer Whit


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Karsen Kipp
Category: Fiction
Published: April 24, 2019


Some teenagers are zeroes, and some are infinite. Elmer Whit may be both.

Elmer is used to subtraction. He was born with less than most, and the world keeps making deductions. Until she showed up. An extraordinary girl, the multiplication of strangers, and a road trip to forgiveness prove that love-times-love equals infinite hope.


Delightful and touching

"This is a beautifully written tale about compassion, bravery in this world, real love, and the human spirit. It is touching and thought provoking even as it is humorous (I chuckled out loud at points), uplifting, and fun to read. I was pulled in by the plot, but I'll remember the deeper truths about the human condition. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel, and I will be encouraging my teen children to read it."