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Living for a Living


Format: Paperback, Audio, Electronic
Author: Jamal Jivanjee
Category: Personal Growth
Published: February 26, 2019


Why are we here? Were we born to strive just to make sure the bills are paid, take the occasional vacation, and then retire for a few short years to enjoy life at the end? Is this what it means to truly live?

If what we do in life is motivated solely by our survival, then we only have a job. But, if what we do is directly tied to how we best love and serve others, then we are moving in our life's true purpose. No one is born to merely have a job. However, we were born to work.

Living for a Living explores why the essence of Jesus's message to the world has everything to do with breaking us out of the enslaving mindset of lack and stepping into the liberating economy of love and service...and there is a place in it just for you. Let this book serve as your invitation into this new world where living for a living isn't the exception, it's the rule.


Mind blowing!

"I read Living for a Living and was blown away by the simplicity, and brilliance of Jamal's concepts of money, and time. Thinking about when this present moment will end, and realizing that it never ends, that it actually extends for all eternity was an awakening for me. I will also never think about money in the same way. Money, being like air, is always available to us. All the money in the world is available to us, just like all the air in the world. If you are ready for your mind to be expanded, get this book!"