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Jesus Unarmed


Format: Paperback, Audio, Electronic
Author: Keith Giles
Category: Theology
Published: November 9, 2021


What if Jesus was serious about loving our enemies?

For too long, those who carry the name "Christian" have ignored the Christlike path of enemy-love and creative nonviolence. For many of us, the Second Amendment has become more important than the Sermon on the Mount. It's time we begin to walk the path of peace marked out for us by the Prince of Peace and learn to study war no more.


Timely and prophetic

"Keith has concluded his Jesus Un series with the perfect subject, Jesus the Prince of Peace. With the heart of a pastor and the style of a sound teacher Keith leaves you with only one option. Follow the Prince of Peace or follow a war god of your own making. I highly recommend this book to all who are truly seeking to be imitators of Christ."