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Kamikaze Yogi


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Anita Grace Brown
Category: Personal Growth
Published: March 9, 2021


You are more resilient than you believe, wiser than you know, and more conscious than you think.

If this concept excites you then step forward and enjoy some body prayers to quiet the mind and soften the heart.

Welcome to the church of you-it's never been about an hour every Sunday in a pew. Experiencing a spiritual life has always been about your relationships with people and the world 24/7-in all of its anxious uncertainty.

Allow me to help you uncover a healthy state of centeredness. I have found the human soul might just be God's muscle and, if we don't strengthen and stretch it, it atrophies.

East will never ask you to abandon West, and neither will I.


Read it over and over again

"Such an honest look into healing and daily practice. My copy is weathered and worn from returning to the pages time and time again."