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The Fullness


Format: Paperback
Author: Tamara Ramirez
Category: Personal Growth
Published: December 7, 2021


A story told, in part, through a foggy glass with great joy and wonder.

In this workbook, readers are invited on an art-filled, labyrinth-like journey to explore God and self through reflection on some of the more common names of God as recorded in Hebrew scripture. We sit with and explore the aspects of God that offer love and healing, those seemingly harsh or jealous traits which we often ignore or reject, and the features so wonder-filled that we rarely dare to look at them for fear of losing ourselves.

The author's prayer is that through this offering, readers will be able to receive a transformative invitation to an eternal exploration of Presence.


Beautifully written

"By far the best study I have read. My pages have since been covered in tears and scribbles. If you are looking for your understanding of the most beautiful, painful, and unknown parts of God to be deepened and potentially completely reconstructed, I would highly recommend this book. Truly outstanding work."