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Learning to Float


Format: Paperback, Audio, Electronic
Authors: Matthew J. Distefano, Michelle Collins
Category: Personal Growth
Published: Jully 5, 2022


Learning to Float is a life preserver when you find yourself adrift in the midst of your faith journey. When waves of doubt and anxiety threaten to rise above your head, or when you simply find yourself weary of swimming in the midst of unending waters, this book is your buoy. It's the gentle arms of friends holding you up so that you can breathe, even as currents of questions continue to sweep you up and move you along. It's the comforting whisper in your ear when you need it the most: "It's okay; I've got you. You're not alone."

Matthew J. Distefano knows his theology and philosophy, but far more importantly, he is 100-percent authentic. And as he mediates his story through conversation with Michelle Collins-whose wisdom, compassion, and friendship guide him as he articulates his deconstruction process-readers are bound to see parallels to their own journeys and struggles.


Beautifully pastoral

"I've said there's only one way to deconstruct, and that's your way! In this very readable format of a conversation with Michelle Collins, we discover Matthew's way of deconstructing that will give others validation and encouragement for their own unique deconstruction journeys."

— David Hayward