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The Resurrection of Jesse Barrow


Format: Paperback, Audio, Electronic
Author: Brandon Dragan
Category: Fiction
Published: March 29, 2022


When the mayor of a small town in rural Alabama is murdered, the desperate search for answers leads the police to Jesse Barrow, a young drunk with an axe to grind. Despite professing his innocence, Jesse finds himself accused with only one way to keep himself out of the electric chair: to betray his one true friend.

The Resurrection of Jesse Barrow is a fast-paced novella in a distinctive voice, that confronts miscarriages of justice and age old misconceptions about privilege, all the while managing to be thoroughly engrossing. Jesse's story will take you to the grave and back, and leave you with hope that a better world is within our reach.

Featuring three additional short stories including Advokat, the winner of the ABA Journal Ross Writing Contest, and two essays from the author.


10/10 recommend!

"An exciting and thrilling novel by a talented author! Engaging and entertaining through out its entirety. Highly recommend if you’re seeking a new read that keeps you wanting more page after page!”