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Letting Go(d)


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Aaron Simnowitz
Category: Memoir
Published: March 21, 2023


"Being gay will send you to hell!"

This is what Aaron Simnowitz heard all his life growing up in the Evangelical church. From a young age, he knew he was different than the other boys, preferring The Babysitters Club over The Hardy Boys, Rainbow Brite over G.I. Joe, and Zack Morris over Kelly Kapowski. But at 18 years old, when he recognized his sexual attraction to other men, the fear of an everlasting torment in a fiery afterlife set in. From then on, Aaron embarked on a nearly fifteen-year journey with varying gay conversion therapies in an attempt to eradicate his homosexual desires, including a three-month residential stay at the now infamous "Love in Action" program in Memphis, Tennessee.

Aaron loved Jesus, believing that "praying the gay away" was possible and that his orientation could be supernaturally charged-but only if he relinquished his rights to his true identity. However, his loyalty to his faith led him down a rabbit hole of immense confusion, emotional instability, perpetual guilt, and self-hatred.

Letting Go(d) is a heartbreakingly honest, deeply funny, and courageously unique memoir detailing how Aaron navigated the revolving closet door of his sexuality, led a dramatic double life between his wildly conservative Christian community and his outrageously liberal television profession, and struggled to ultimately come to be at peace with God and living unashamed as a homosexual man.


Pulls no punches

“Aaron Simnowitz’s Letting Go(d) is a poignant and powerful memoir sharing Simnowitz’s unique journey to reconcile his gay identity with his Christian faith. Combining a sarcastic wit, raw authenticity, and profound hope, this book takes readers deep into the struggles that many LGBTQ+ people face and demonstrates the importance of affirming families, friends, and faith communities along the journey to reconcile faith and sexuality. This book provides a cathartic release and a healing balm for LGBTQ+ people of faith and profound insight for those seeking to better understand our stories.”

— Brandan Robertson