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Purplynd by Brian K. Woodson, Sr.


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Brian K. Woodson, Sr.
Category: Fiction
Published: December 6, 2022


Somewhere far away in space and time, there is a planet called Purplynd.

The beings who inhabit Purplynd and think themselves the most intelligent, are called purple. Purple are like people in every way except a few. But these small differences are the keys to their survival and perhaps our own. 

An infant is left at a daycare on the edge of the capital city and the past and present begin a battle for the future. Like the baby boy born in that Bethlehem barn, the child is destined to defeat the evil powers in the world but only if he can survive the many threats to his life and find the right mate. But purple are not the only living, thinking parts of the planet and the ancient past enters the present to engage an unfinished battle. 

Purplynd is the first book of an allegorical trilogy. It is a love story wrapped in a mysterious contest between good and evil. This is a spiritual journey without religion. It is an opportunity to imagine how to destroy evil without corrupting good.


Interesting and captivating book!

"What a great read! I truly enjoyed the creative storytelling and mystery. Well-written and a fun adventure."