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The Joy of Letting Go


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Kevin Sweeney
Category: Spirituality
Published: January 3, 2023


When one of the great living mystics, Father Richard Rohr, writes, "All great spirituality is somehow about letting go," do we just skim by this and catalogue it as another great quotable by a prolific author?

Or, do we dare to allow this truth to utterly change our relationship with God, humanity, and reality itself? Can we feel the truth of this statement resonate in the center of our being so powerfully, that we are almost forced to ask the natural question that follows:


How is each life altering step of the great spiritual journey somehow about letting go?

Well, this book is the answer to that question.

Each chapter focuses on a specific topic, and names the unique challenges of it and the ways we get stuck within it. Then, shows how some form of letting go is always required in order to do that specific thing well, to sustain joy and peace while doing it, and to become more free as a result of it.

My dream is that everyone who reads this will open up to the possibility that to engage everything from the concrete to the cosmic, from joy to justice, and from the tiniest arguments with your partner to the most monumental social tragedies of our time without losing our joy, we have to learn how to let go.


A helpful invitation

"Kevin Sweeney's The Joy of Letting Go is a vulnerable, wise, brave, accessible book; the rare transformational work that will actually change you if you open yourself up to it. The path toward life feels a whole lot like dying, but "letting go" is the only thing that liberate us--and the joy on the other side of surrender truly is as profound as the pain. Don't just read this book--give in to the truth that you will feel rumbling underneath it; let it take you where you need to go."

— Jonathan Martin