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Safer than the Known Way


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Maria Francesca French
Category: Theology
Published: January 27, 2023


What does it mean to speak beyond binaries of theism and atheism, conservative and liberal, fact and fiction? Why might a new type of theological imagination, one that defies categories and comparison, with the challenge actual deconstruction offers, be all that is next? 

Here you will find a compelling read of story and personal journey with strong scholarship and deep theology. Significant and transformational thought that has lived in the ivory tower for too long but made accessible and resonant. 

Read along as the tables are turned, head toward a horizon with no line, and follow a compass that doesn't point north. Prepare to be beckoned by ghosts and travel a path unknown. Because to go out into the elegant chaos of all that might be waiting for us after Christianity, while still engaging in meaningful faith, is safer than all that might be considered certain. If you have moved past traditional notions of god, beyond mechanisms of belief, and find yourself relentlessly curious about what might be next, this book is for you.


Gorgeous and original

"Maria Francesca French holds space for those who question their faith and the rules they've been brough up with. Safer than the Known Way addresses the buzz word, "Deconstruction," giving evolving Christians a safe place to go beyond liturgical and cultural traditons. Through personal stories and extensive theological study, Maria French encourages people on their journey to or from (little g) god or (Big G) God."

— T.C. Newman