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Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Maria Francesca French
Category: Theology
Published: June 27, 2023


In her debut book, Safer than the Known Way, Maria Francesca French offered a way forward toward a post-Christian faith engaging new theological outlooks, asking us to rethink and reimagine. In her new book, Reconfiguring, she invites us further into what it looks like to think through various aspects of life, faith, and god from a post-Christian perspective. In this collection of writings, she explores cultural and theological topics, offering fresh takes on issues of faith, Christianity, church, post-Evangelicalism, post-theism, post-Christianity, Radical Theology, digitality, the future, and a host of other topics filled with complexity and nuance. With the aim of being intersectional, integrative, and integral, French delivers a compilation of letters to her readers that range from theological topics such as trinity, hell, and rapture to philosophical wanderings through meaning of life, death, happiness, and love. Interacting with various biblical passages, delving further into what scripture might still hold for us, unpacking high holy holidays, and, of course, bringing to the table the challenges of deconstruction, reconstruction, dismantling, and disentwining from toxic forms of faith and theology. French asks us to reconfigure, rather than relinquish. With a spirit of subversion and deconversion, this collection of post-Christian thoughts and theologies exists to inspire, rejuvenate, reinvigorate, and give fresh directions and perspectives on matters of faith and an uncertain future. Consider this an invitation to start thinking some new thoughts in hopes of reconfiguring how we move through life as we find ourselves post the Christianity we once knew.


A must read!

"Maria Francesca French's "Reconfiguring" takes readers on an extraordinary journey where the wisdom of a theologian, the contemplation of a philosopher, and the companionship of a fellow wise traveler, deeply attuned to psychological insights, intertwine seamlessly. French skillfully captures the essence of modern-day spirituality, steering clear of the rigid shallowness often associated with old-time fundamentalist religion. This remarkable book will inspire, encourage, guide, and compassionately challenge those seeking greater depth in their spiritual lives. I highly recommend it!"

— Dr. Mark Karris