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Format: Paperback, Audio, Electronic
Author: Josh Roggie
Category: Memoir
Published: February 11, 2020


Shame is a sickness that festers in the soul. When left in isolation, it runs rampant--attacking our spirit, reshaping our identity, and dismantling us to our very core. We've been pressured by society to present only our best attributes, but weaknesses, guilt, and pain simply don't go away when ignored.

InĀ Shame: An Unconventional Memoir, Josh Roggie doesn't just reveal the guilt, disappointment, and embarrassment that has been present in his life--he seeks to overcome it through wit and abundant oversharing.


Excellent book

"In this memoir, Josh takes us through his life story thus far with the emphasis on the shame we carry with us throughout our lives. While my experiences aren't exactly his, it was easy to relate to and learn from Josh's story. His self-analysis helped me realize new things concerning my own past and shame. Also, there are moments of humor and 'light reading.' I also found it fun to notice and often listen to the songs listed at the front of the chapters."