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Quantum Sayings Keith Giles


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Keith Giles
Category: Theology
Published: April 23, 2024



Buried around 340 AD, unearthed in 1945 and translated into English in 1959, this text has been studied, debated and analyzed by dozens of scholars and historians searching for clues about the meaning of these cryptic sayings of Jesus.

In The Quantum Sayings of Jesus, author Keith Giles offers a look at the text from the perspective of non-duality and divine oneness. If true, these sayings may unlock the key to solving humanity’s greatest challenges and reveal the startling truth that all of us are connected in surprising ways.


Best book on the Gospel of Thomas I've read!

The Quantum Sayings of Jesus goes beyond a mere academic discussion of an ancient "lost" gospel. Keith masterfully connects the dots between Jesus’ teachings in Thomas to the other four synoptic gospels. What I find most fascinating is how these ancient teachings in Thomas' gospel resonate with some of the latest breakthroughs in quantum physics and the science of consciousness. This book will open up a new realm of understanding for you, illustrating how the profound messages of early primitive Christian belief aligns with modern scientific thought.

— Amazon Reviewer