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The Qur'an


Format: Paperback, Electronic
Author: Safi Kaskas
Category: Scriptural Commentary
Published: January 9, 2024



Safi Kaskas' translation of the Qur'an is path breaking for the field of interfaith reconciliation, and here is the reason. It is well known in the history of Biblical and sacred literature translations how easily text can be pushed, through translation biases, toward either a more confrontational approach to the world or a more conciliatory approach. Key words and their translations play a critical role in how a civilization is seen in terms of their sacred scriptures.

The Second Edition of the Kaskas translation will have a major impact precisely because there is a carefully crafted intention to translate with an eye to eliminate the biases of previous translations. Many previous translations contained more aggressive, confrontational, or triumphalist presentations of Islam.


An honest translation

"This translation is clear to understand, yet poetic at the same time. It is very well written. This is my first experience reading the Qur'an and it has been quite positive. Some of my friends described getting bogged down in, or not understanding other English translations. This has never been the case with this translation by Dr. Kaskas. I would highly recommend this translation."

— Amazon Reviewer