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The Wisdom Tree


Format: Paperback
Author: E.A. Brighton
Category: Children
Published: November 21, 2023


What if it were possible to journey into the realm of emotion in a way that opens communication with your children and promotes self-awareness in a non-threatening way?

The Wisdom Tree explores the complexity of children’s emotions and offers essential tools needed to cope with them. For readers of all ages, this transformative book serves as a guide towards self-regulation, encouraging honest emotions without a need to hurry through or fight against them. The beautiful illustrations and story guide us into a place of safety, inviting our senses into ease and calm within the body, and promoting unconditional self-love, safety, and strength, even through the most difficult of life’s emotions and in our most trying of times.

Included is a personal letter written by the author, offering the reader encouragement and direction in how to use the tools of co-regulation with children during difficult times.


Beautiful book for blossoming children

“This is a beautifully written book appropriate for readers of all ages. Lent it to a client who shared it with their grandchildren and she loved it as well. Great way to help increase your emotional intelligence.

— Amazon Reviewer