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The Reconstructing of Your Mind


Format: Paperback, Audio, Electronic
Author: Todd R. Vick
Category: Theology
Published: June 30, 2021


For three decades, Todd R. Vick struggled to be good enough for God, his family, friends, and the churches he ministered in.

After years of personal reflections, research, and a total faith deconstruction, he discovered the transforming power of the human mind to create better life outcomes. The Reconstructing of Your Mind takes a hard look at what the majority of us have been taught to believe within evangelicalism and introduces his latest findings into the conversation. With the heart of a pastor and the mind of a student of life, Todd combines the scientific and the spiritual while guiding the reader on a journey to total personal transformation by showing how to use the brains that God gave us to take our spiritual lives to a whole new level.


Like a comforting companion

"Thousands of spiritual seekers are on a journey of deconstructing the fundamentals of their faith. While tremendously healing, this process can also be frustrating and lonely. As their past beliefs lie smoldering on the ground, these nomads are often left wondering, 'What’s next?' In this thoughtful and engaging new book, author Todd Vick comes alongside the reader to infuse them with hope that their future can be better than their past. Todd knows. He’s been on this deconstruction journey himself and, after years in the wilderness, is finally coming to a place of peace and wholeness. Take advantage of Todd’s hard fought wisdom by allowing this book to be a companion to you on your own spiritual journey."