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The Reconstructionist


Format: Paperback, Audio, Electronic
Author: Jonathan J. Foster
Category: Theology
Published: December 7, 2021


The world is changing along with our ideas around sexuality, authority, patriarchy, and truth. Despite the Church's best attempts at downplaying the changes, millions of intellectually honest people are entering into a process often referred to as deconstruction. In The Reconstructionist, pastor, and author Jonathan Foster offers up his own deconstruction story, how it stirred up the fear of his denomination, his subsequent expulsion, and how the insights gleaned might just point a way forward. 
After experiencing an earthquake of personal loss that no one would want to face, Jonathan found himself reassembling his theology in real-time. Old answers no longer worked for new problems. The reality totalized his religious beliefs but also opened him up to love. And in this way, he found the courage not only to name reasons for his religious instability (and America's religious instability) but to rebuild upon a healthier foundation. It's a foundation marked with three simple ideas: People > text, mercy > sacrifice, and love > fear. 
If you are confused about Christianity's lack of love and the Church's inability to change and looking for something more gracious and inclusive, then The Reconstructionist is for you.


It's time to reconstruct!

"I held on to many of my beliefs because i was terrified that if i questioned them or discarded them, there would be nothing left worth believing. Is the Bible really infallible? Does every non-Christian go to hell? Is homosexuality a sin? And so many more. 'The Reconstructionist' is so helpful in navigating this stuff. And even more helpful in relieving some anxieties about the challenging work of changing your beliefs. I highly recommend!"