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The Seeds of Deconstruction


Format: Paperback, Electronic, Audio
Author: Nat Turney
Category: Theology
Published: August 8, 2023


The journey from the known to the unknown can be terrifying. It takes a lot of courage to leave the relative comfort and safety of the familiar to embark on a voyage of discovery into enigmatic and potentially dangerous waters. But exploration is always worth the risk and nothing worth finding ever comes without some degree of peril. The book you hold in your hand does not purport to be a map to guide you easily through troubled waters nor does it claim to have all of the answers to assuage you as you question fundamental tenets of faith or religion. What it aspires to be is a companion on the road to discovery, encouraging you, emboldening you, and reminding you all along the way that you are not alone. Deconstruction is ultimately as disparate and as varied as each individual who undertakes the task. It can be lonesome, and it can be isolating so, what is most needed is not a book full of the “right” answers, but one who will come alongside you and remind you that you have the “right” to ask the big questions, to feel what you feel, to arrive at your own conclusions and live your own truth. If you find that within these pages, then the book will have accomplished everything it set out to do.


Thought provoking

The Seeds of De(con)struction by Nat Turney is an exquisite masterpiece that takes readers on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation. Nat's poignant memoir artfully captures the essence of a soul's evolution from the comfort of certainty to the liberating realm of doubt.”

— Jon Turney