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The Tea Shop


Format: Paperback, Audio, Electronic
Author: Ric Machuga
Category: Personal Growth
Published: September 22, 2020


Adventures are unscripted.

A scooter crash, changing plans, and adjustments to the budget sounded like disaster for a careful-minded ex-pastor hoping to salvage what was left of his family's vacation. The Tea Shop is a travelogue of new discoveries and dashed assumptions, where a simple shop owner taught the Forehand family lessons that they were not prepared for, but somehow understood perfectly.

Circumstances and situations collide in an obscure tea house to remind us that joy is in the discovery-not in confirming our already established beliefs. So let us pour you a cup of tea, have a seat at the table, allow yourself to be present, and begin to see with new eyes. You are welcome here!


Hope in these pages

“Karl Forehand is one of my favorite humans. His authenticity and transparency immediately welcomed me into his ‘inner circle’ of friends at a time when I needed community most. The grace that marks Karl’s life is deeply rooted in a mystical encounter with the radical hospitality and wholehearted acceptance of God that Karl experienced in a tea shop on the other side of the world. This book tells the fascinating story of what happened that day and how the ripples of that encounter have affected every day of Karl’s life since. The all inclusive welcome of God transforms us and every life we touch. If you’re longing to encounter that kind of divine embrace for yourself, set aside your preconceived notions of God and follow Karl into The Tea Shop. There is hope for every single one of us in these pages.”

— Jason Elam