Heretic! | Matthew Distefano
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"A perfect cocktail of disgusting lies."


Contrary to what some may say, this book, rather than being the product of a demonic lie, is an open and honest set of answers to the questions wrestled with by countless Christians the world over. And while nothing in Heretic! is completely unique—that is, much of the theology contained herein goes as far back as Christianity itself—Distefano creatively puts his unique perspective and humor onto the pages with care. Refreshing and liberating, this is a must read for any who dare question their inherited doctrines.

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Q&A Interview

Matthew Distefano discusses what inspired him to write Heretic!, the story behind the book's "endorsements", and why he's donating the first month's royalties.

Heretic! is a witty and thought-provoking book that discusses:

Universalism, salvation, and what the early church believed

The inerrancy of Scripture and how to approach the Old and New Testaments

What the Bible really says regarding homosexuality

What the cross reveals about God and sacrifice

If predestination, free will, and the doctrine of hell hold up

What the wrath of God is and whether or not He is violent

Matthew Distefano

Matthew J. Distefano is the author of 4 books, including the best-selling From the Blood of Abel: Humanity's Root Causes of Violence and the Bible's Theological-Anthropological Solution. He blogs at Patheos, is married, and has one daughter. You can find him at

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