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Too Much and Not Enough


Format: Paperback, Electronic, Audio
Author: Karen Shock
Category: Christian Living
Published: April 18, 2023


In Too Much and Not Enough, author Karen Shock writes with a refreshingly brutal honesty about her experiences growing up under the influence of toxic theological systems that left her doubting her sanity, her identity, and her voice. Like many men and women who have been hurt by the Church they loved, or betrayed by the pastors they trusted, Karen’s story is filled with disappointment and grief.

But, as she writes from her heart and makes room for healing, she discovers a deeper hope, and a surprising amount of grace waiting for her—and all of us—on the other side.

This book is a poetic manifesto from the heart of a woman whose exceptional vulnerability and profound courage unleashes a flood of healing, hope and strength for anyone who finds themselves struggling with feelings of spiritual betrayal and disillusionment.



“Karen hasn’t written a book as much as she’s created a companion for your journey. Too Much and Not Enough will be a book that you come back to again and again as you come across experiences in your life that grow, evolve, and shift your faith in the Divine. If your heart and mind are filled with changing thoughts about life and faith and what it all means … Karen will help you put words on those feelings and be a peace with them. Do yourself a favor and add this book to your collection!”

— Dr. Glenn Siepert